Farther is an online and bi-annual print publication with a focus on connecting and building community independent of distance. We thrive on telling stories and collaborate to bring each of our unique experiences together in a grand story of fellowship and the adventure in living. We believe that it is these things that take us somewhere farther in life than we’d ever go alone.


Who is Farther?


Ethan Godard

Co-Founder, Director, Editor

Photography is something that sort of unlocked me. Through the simple expression of taking photos, I discovered a deeper love for travel, community, and creativity as a whole. The only thing I love more than documenting profound experiences is the process of sharing those moments with people I love.


Tessa Godard

Co-Founder, Designer, Community Director

Creativity is without limits and my desire for visual design and investing my heart into all things creative is the cadence in my step. Whether it be photography, design, branding, or styling– the creative process and all its components captivate me. Art is something that can be analyzed and depicted, but it can also tell a story that will touch each person differently.

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Oliver Shields

Co-Founder, Director, Editor

Photography found me around a frozen lake in Oregon. I was backpacking in winter with three other friends and brought along the Canon AE-1 I purchased the week before. I loved the trip itself but re-lived the experience a month later when I developed the film. Ever since then I’ve had a passion for captivating the moments I experience with community. It’s because of that passion that my friends and I came together to create Farther.


Gabrielle Godard

Co-Founder, Designer

I have always loved the ability to create a memory by the stroke of my pen. To put my own perspective on a piece. You can travel the world and the memories and feelings are what keep a hold of you. To me, being able to capture a moment in my sketchbook is drawing a memory into place. It won’t escape the feeling I had when I was there, the people I was with and the desire to find more places to remember.