The Unmarked Land

My heart beats faster and my hands shake with excitement. Through the clouds I see the airplane wing and the northern lights. I see my day turn to night as we make our way down to the landing strip. Is this real? Have I made it? The air crisp and the stars bright. With every cold breath I am left in awe... awe of the land and the beauty of this place we call Iceland. Even though days pass, it feels like minutes and eternity all at once. The surrealism surrounds me and I am out of my body. This place is one of a kind that doesn’t call for attention, it is just in its own peaceful stance of beauty. Words and thoughts have tried to capture this continent but yet we cannot. It is different for everyone and each are told a different story. Time and time again I find myself longing for that place, it calls me back again and again. The time spent there will never be forgotten.

Writing & Photography: Gabrielle G., Ethan Lee Godard