Julia Nimke


Could you introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Julia Nimke and I’m a Travel and Lifestyle photographer based in Berlin/Germany. I am originally from Frankfurt/Oder, a small town at the border to Poland and moved to Berlin 10 years ago.

How did you get into photography?

I started photographing when I got my first compact camera from my step father at the age of 11 or 12.  I photographed everything that surrounded me from friends and family to nature and architecture. 

After many years of shooting, analogue digital photography came up and I started working with that kind of medium when I was around 16. Later I did an apprenticeship and my masters in photography. I’ve worked 3 years as a photo editor and photographer and slowly started doing freelance jobs. It took many years to get to the point of where I am at today and I think nowadays people forget that growth takes time. Be patient with yourself and take one step at a time.  


What type of photography do you love the most?  

I love minimal landscape photography. Capturing the essence of a place is what fascinates me the most. 

Do you have a favorite photograph you've taken? Or project you’ve done?

I did a project called FOLK TALES during my artist sponsorship with Adobe. It is a multimedial project documenting places that are connecting to old tales from the past, combining portraiture, landscape photography and video.
Check the project out here: Folk Tales.


Favorite place you've traveled to so far?

That’s a tough one. So far there hasn’t been a place I did not like. I think in fact it’s not necessarily about the place you’re in or how spectacular the landscape is - it can be the light or a special moment connected to the place. That’s what makes every journey unique and yours. 
I for sure am very drawn to nordic destinations, but I am also a big lover of the west coast in the States like California and Oregon.

#1 place you want to see next?

I want to go to Greenland so badly. But there are so many other places on my list as well like Canada, Patagonia, Vietnam.


Go to camera setup?

My Canon EOS 5 D Mark IV and my 50 mm. Also really into shooting with the 70 - 200 mm. And a wide angle for sure. Carried in the Peak Design Travel Back and you’re good to go.  

Any advice for aspiring photographers?

Like I mentioned earlier be patient with yourself. Train your eye by shooting on a regular basis. Try it all out and find out what pleases you the most. Do what you love and not what people expect to see from you and you’ll be a much happier photographer than one who only cares to be admired.  


Big thank you to Julia for taking the time to do this! Be sure to check out her website and give a follow on Instagram to check out some more of her work!