By sharing each of our unique experiences, we hope to connect and build community independent from distance. We want to hear from our fellow creatives; photographers, writers, storytellers, adventurers, poets, artists - no matter where you’re at.

Volume One Details:

Volume one will be themed after Togetherness. We want to focus on the idea of community; conveying the experiences, adventures, and times we have with one another. We understand that this could spark different ideas for different people, so use the theme as a base for your stories, as we don’t want to limit creativity in any way. Feel free to email us with any questions regarding the theme.

Magazine and Online Journal Submissions

Written Submissions - This could be a story, a small excerpt, or even a poem. Just simply email and attach your written submission. We would love to showcase visuals along with writing, so any image(s) along with the written submission, please email in high resolution.

Visual - Our goal is to showcase visual stories, so please send a selection of photos that are along the theme of Volume One: togetherness. Along with the images, please send an excerpt of the story behind the photos and where they were taken. We can’t wait to see your stories!